U.S. Visas

B-1 is a temporary visa for business, permits a visitor to negotiate contracts, seek investments or real estate, or consult with business partners of associates.

B-2 permits a visit for pleasure only.

Intra-Company-Transferee permits an individual to apply for lawful permanent residence (The Green Card) at some point in the future.

More commonly referred to as E-1 or E-2. These Visas are available only to Nationals of those countries with whom U.S. has treaty of commerce or navigation.

  • E-1 allows the individual to carry on substantial trade principally between the U.S. and their foreign country.
  • E-2 allows one to direct the operations of a business in which he or she has an investment or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital.

A temporary worker visa for the international business person who is a prominent member of their profession and holds a minimum of Bachelors Degree.

The “Jumbo Visa” SM, investors from any country can invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 and create 10 jobs – ultimately receiving the Green Card.

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US visas

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