Trump’s Obsession with the “Deep State: …

A former Trump advisor and confident Steve Bannon created a “fable” that the U.S. intelligent
community; the FBI, CIA, NSA- will stop at nothing to countermand Trump’s will and his anti-
immigration agenda. The Deep State rhetoric focuses on a Nazi concept that you can only believe and
trust your leader. All other sources of news are false. “It’s FAKE News”!


The genesis of a Deep State mentality was created by Joseph Gobbles, Hitler’s minister of propaganda
who successfully engineered the concept, that if you tell a big lie often enough people will begin to
believe it as true, real, and the way it should be.


Today, we are faced with a distorted sense of reality when Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani stated on
national television that “the truth is not the truth”! Trump’s advisor Kelly Anne Conway stated that there
are alternative facts to consider for any negative claims against the President. This idea of alternative facts
is sheer nonsense; the facts are the facts, and the truth is the truth.


There seems to be a cancer within the administration that denies the reality of our news organizations
reporting services while the middle-of-the night tweets by a deranged President are the only reality we
should rely and believe in because the free Press is the “enemy of the people”.


Never in the history of our democracy has there been such a deeply corrupted, self-serving administration.
Our 1 st amendment guarantees freedom of speech and a free press- unlike Izvestia, a Russian government-
controlled news agency.


More than six (6) of Trump’s presidential advisors have been convicted of major felonies. The campaign
chairman of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort was working as an unregistered foreign agent for the
Ukraine and Russian government while advising the Trump Administration. Isn’t that a blatant conflict of
interest? What happened to Trump’s extreme vetting process for aliens as it relates to his own staff and
advisors? Didn’t Michael Flynn lie to the FBI about his relationship with Russian agents?


It’s time for the American people to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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