This is bad news for many sectors in the American economy. “The dairy industry uses scientists, technologists and veterinarians to place workers in remote areas of the United States,” the report explains. “The same is true for other parts of U.S. agriculture. Instructors at colleges and seminaries, particularly in distant or smaller community settings are able to use TN visas to employ individuals to teach American students. Engineers, lawyers, accountants and economist are among the many other eligible occupations under NAFTA.”

Finding nurses is more difficult than ever in America and TN visas are used to employ nurses in many states, particularly Michigan employs approximately 300 Canadian Nurses.

If TN visas go away, the impact on U.S. patients could be devastating in some parts of the country, since U.S. immigration law provides no other timely way for most foreign nurses to be employed in America. “Demand for nurses is so great in the U.S. that some hospitals sponsor nurses for employment-based green cards and wait years for the nurses. TN visas are critical to the U.S. Health Care industry. The United States aging population and workforce, long-term trends that are likely to generate demand for more immigrant workers, not fewer.”

Ending NAFTA will weaken the U.S. economy and allow fewer professionals in health care and other sectors to help Americans. Losing NAFTA’s immigration provisions will add insult to the injury of relinquishing the treaty’s many economic benefits.

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