Trump kills compromises on immigration

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Trump kills compromises on immigration.

An open debate on immigration reform was the first positive attempt at a bipartisan immigration reform bill since 2006.

Members of Congress both Republicans and Democrats prepared a series of “reasonable” compromises in an attempt to finally address immigration reform.

At stake is the future of the Dreamers (1.8 million immigrants that were brought to the US as children). They were given temporary protection from deportation by the Obama administration (DACA).

There seems to be a pattern of “kicking the can down the road” by our current administration and the members of Congress. Trying to solve extremely complex immigration issues with a half-hearted band-aid approach doesn’t work and they all know that.

In the final analysis, politicians use an excuse to have discussions and meetings on top of meetings to exploit political gain not to achieve realistic goals.

For more than twenty (20) years immigration reform has been a “hot potato”. A new group of well intentioned Senators called the Common-Sense Coalition have agreed to give the President money in the new budget to match his much-ballyhooed wall along the Mexican border. Despite Trumps campaign promises- “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” in the end it will be the US tax dollars that will pay for a “symbolic wall” that will cost billions over the next ten (10) years.

The central issue to this immigration furor is how can we fix a broken system and more importantly; how to provide a path to citizenship to DACA recipients?

Contrary to the “fake news” on FOX News, there is no fast track option for Dreamers to become US citizens. The 1.8 million Dreamers who were brought to the US as children are looking at a fourteen (14) year wait, at the end of the line, before they can apply for citizenship.

In typical Trump fashion he has left fundamental immigration issues unresolved while expressing a false sympathy for the young immigrants that are in a state of limbo.

According to the latest NY times survey, the majority of Americans (74%) are in favor of giving Dreamers temporary legal status and a path to citizenship.

President Trump’s get-tough approach to immigration has been cruelly using immigrants as pawns in a political game of forever blaming the other side, with a stalemate of O accomplishments.

Conservative Republican Senator James Lankford, recently stated: “the repeated failure to address such glaring problems” (DACA) has become incredibly frustrating.. “Congress has been unwilling to address it”! Its’ time to set aside partisans agendas and for us to come together as Americans.

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