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New policy changes will impact legal immigrants in the U.S.A. in 2019.

The 5 major changes that are likely to increase deportation in 2019. The Trump administration has expanded issuance of NTA (Notice To Appear) this is the beginning of the Deportation/Removal Process. In theory, this new immigration procedure should reduce incomplete or frivolous filings in order to speed up the process for legal immigration.


Violations of federal or state programs related to the reception of public benefits (ej: food stamps) fraudulent or past criminal activity can result in the loss of legal status in the United States.

This new policy could result in a Denial of application without warnings according to a recent article in The Miami Herald….” Legal immigrants who abuse public benefits are now more likely to be deported.”Also, legal immigrants who get government assistance, won’t get Green Cards under the new Trump proposal.

Items of concern: Medical exams are required for all Green Card applicants. The medical form (I-693) must be signed by an authorized physician. The alien must present all prior vaccination records to the authorized physician at the schedule examination.The new policy changes can have a very punitive impact on U.S. legal immigration.

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