Unfortunately, President Trump decided on Easter Sunday that the deal for “Dreamers” is no more.

According to USA Today, the President has used this Easter Holiday message of goodwill to announce the end of DACA. More than 80,000 DACA recipients will be affected by this mean-spirited claim. The “Dreamers” are young people brought to this country illegally, at a young age.

The President has displayed his ignorance of immigration laws because on his Twitter outburst regarding DACA is at best a fools’ errand and it’s bluntly misleading. The DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was intended to shield the “Dreamers” from deportation. This humanitarian action was a result of a bipartisan consensus in an attempt to improve our failed immigration policies and procedures.

In reality, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions began the demise of the DACA program in September 2017 with no plan to replace it. Senator Durbin stated at his recent news conference that Mr. Trump is unreliable, unprepared, and unstable. “He ought to be ashamed of himself for taking Twitter slaps at young undocumented immigrant to shore up support of his (wacko) border wall.”

Gov. John Kasich – a Republican- has stated “A true leader preserves and offers hope, he doesn’t take hope from innocent children”.

The President’s ill- conceived attack on” DREAMERS” is an affront to our basic democratic values and a strong and ominous signal that the Trump Administration is hell-bent on an anti-immigration campaign designed to cater to his extreme right-wing (Tea Party) base.

Despite Trump’s determination to end DACA, Federal Courts have ordered DACA kept in place for all current recipients. In reality, the “DREAMERS” are a positive contribution to our society. They are attending colleges and universities. Several have become newly admitted attorneys as well as medical students, dentists, teachers and physician assistants. The evidence is clear according to the New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, and even the Daytona News Journal. Dreamers are making a real viable contribution to realize the American Dream.

In addition, Trump claims that Mexico is doing very little if not nothing at all to stop the tide of illegal immigration. This false and unsubstantiated statement is incorrect since the US Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that as of April 2018 the number of illegal border crossings has dropped to a 46-year low (the lowest since 1971).

The suggestion by the Trump Administration that there are caravans of illegal entering the U.S. every day is a Fox News fear factor designed to increase the acceptance (by the American people) for a $25 billion border wall. The question remains is there any hope for Dreamers? According to the latest CNN Politics Report, a pair of Republican senators have proposed a conservative approach to protect DACA recipients. Time will tell if our elected representatives in congress will finally do something positive for “DREAMERS”.

It’s time for President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to visit the Statue of Liberty and read the inscription at the base: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free…”  Emma Lazarus, 1883.

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