Here comes Freddie Flintstone. “Dabadooo” or is it DACA/DAPA? This political football was intended to prevent the deportation of about 800,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. The acronym DACA represents “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. The humanitarian rational for DACA was basically to shield children that were in the U.S, not of their own doing but rather a result of their parents seeking a better life in America for their children. The granting of DACA status was not a “free for all” because it had certain conditions and standards that had to be met that included having or in the process of obtaining a high school, or college diploma. This was in effect a “vetting” process that also included background checks. In addition, the DACA entitlement was originally ensured for 2 years and a renewal is required in order for one to maintain DACA status. According to FOX News, DACA isn’t an act of compassion, it’s a power play to win U.S citizenship for the DACA recipient, even though the DACA program did not granted any permanent status or path for citizenship. The Republican concern is that these “Dreamers” will become an army of future Democratic voters.

Despite President Trump’s assertions that he would “take the heat” (from his base) because he was inclined to preserve DACA provided certain conditions were met, as he stated that he wants DACA to end in March (2018) unless Congress enacts legislation to preserve it. A critical caveat: The President insisted that funding for a Border Wall had to be part of the deal. The estimated cost of the wall is $20 billion. That would substantially increase the national debt, despite the fact that congressional republicans assume the mantel of fiscal conservatives.

The ghost of Comprehensive Reform once again comes back to haunt us. DACA and DAPA were only a “temporary” reprieve and no path to citizenship intended, contrary to Fox News and the conservative media. Moreover, the DAPA program was never enacted

The repeated attempts by Congress both Republicans and Democrats to avoid the real tough issues of immigration reform, resulted in another “Band-aid” temporary solution. It did not work with TPS and its not working with DACA. There never is an End Game, it’s always kick the can down the road and hopefully someday somebody will have the guts to face the real issues head on, – but not now.

During a recent televised meeting with the President and members of Congress it was clear that Trump was willing to work with Democrats on an immigration reform (Fox News 01/15/18). But once the cameras were off, it was “hold your position and don’t cave in.” Even Senator Lindsey Graham chanted “Amnesty” suggesting that both sides of the isle and the President had reached common ground on a Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The Bipartisan Euphoria was short lived. The President’s remarks about sh—hole countries created a firestorm. The alleged remarks by the President put a damper on the future of DACA.

Today lawmakers are once again fighting over a politically volatile issue concerning the future of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants. In the face of the controversy a Federal Judge in San Francisco ordered a restart of the DACA program. There may still hope for a reasonable and         solution to the future of DACA.

Studies indicate that the overwhelming majority of Americans, 79% favor DACA.

There are real appreciable benefits to DACA:

  • Immigration on average, has a positive economic effect on the U.S. economy and the U.S. population. (CNBC 01/05/17)
  • DACA has created an increase in wages and labor force participation. (Fortune 01/11/18)
  • DACA has contributed to an increase in mental health outcome for immigrants and their children. (New England Journal of Medicine)
  • DACA benefits the economy in many ways. (Sean Devlin, The Observer (10/9/17))
  • DACA has not created any adverse impact on native born workers. (Moody’s Analytics (01/7/18))
  • There is no credible evidence that DACA recipients commit more crime than U.S. citizens (Fact Check Org. 01/06/17)

Since we are a nation of immigrants (Teddy Roosevelt 1907) it’s time for our elected representatives to address the challenge of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

We suggest that you call your member of Congress and demand that they take a real hard look at our broken and inefficient immigration system and create a workable humanitarian approach to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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